Saturday, 7 September 2013

Top 5 records of Summer 2013

It's raining today and it makes me sad. As I cantered through the local towns streets I couldn't be helped to acknowledge the battalions of school uniformed youths littering the pavement discussing the intricacies of their recently purchased backpacks. What this equates to is the disheartening reality that summer is once again over. This being said I think we've had an exceptional summer, and year, for new music releases and in that vein I believe it'd be quite justified for me to share with y'all my favorite noises of the past 3 months or so.

1. Jagwar Ma - Howlin
Australians do a lot of great things but I think that mastering psychedelic pop is up there with their contributions to the world. Along with the influx of Tame Impala clones Jagwar Ma have taken an fresh leaf from the trip-pop book and reinvigorated the staple with some awesome house influences. Admittedly the LP has it's dull moments but with hooks and beats as infectious as these you'd be crazy not to dig this record regardless of your musical persuasions.
Check it: Jagwar Ma – Howlin

2. Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
What can be said for these blues metal giants? Their comeback record from 2007s Era Vulgaris Josh Homme and crew can armed with sharper guitars, lyrics and fatter attitudes as well as an astounding support cast (Elton John anyone?!). This release still packs the meaty hooks and chunky instruments we know and love but incorporates some more introspective and gentler moments making it a totally diverse and immersive record.
Check it: Queens Of The Stone Age – ...Like Clockwork

3. Smith Westerns - Soft Will
My indefinite soundtrack for the past summer Soft Will is the third release from this Chicago three piece and is honestly their most enjoyable and convincing album yet. This record is blissed out and chocked full of warm bass lines and dreamy guitars with such a polished finish that you could see your face in it. Yet again this record has been critised for repitition but the production shimmers and makes this release stand above the over 10,000 indie-pop releases of the last couple of years/
Check it: Smith Westerns – Soft Will

4. Earl Sweatshirt - Doris
Not so much a summer record as it is a great album released this summer. Doris is dark, mysterious and even sinister at times. Riddled with angst Earl Sweatshirt really steps up his lyrical game on this release and breaks free of the Odd Future archetype of ignorance and purposeful immaturity.
My review:
Check it: Earl Sweatshirt – Doris

5. Jaws - Milkshake EP
Jaws - 'Milkshake EP'
Not technically released in summer (April actually) this is you catching me being lazy but this personifies my infatuation with this EP exactly. Not in terms of performance or production but the general vibe of this release is laziness. Lyrics concerning beaches and holding hands this release is full to the brim of baggy synths, gorgeous melodies and diminishing worries. Closing track Surround You is one of my favourite tracks of this year and should have graced everyone's ears at some point this solstice.
Check it: JAWS – Milkshake

Shout out to other great releases
Speedy Ortiz – Major Arcana
Run the Jewels - RTJ (Free download)
Drenge – Drenge
Phony Ppl - 53,000

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