Wednesday, 2 October 2013

HMV, I'm a hopeless romantic for you.

It’s not that a hate digital music, it’s just it has no charm or sentiency. After wading through the motions of redundancy and bureaucratic treachery HMV have finally ran the vacuous and belligerent giant Footlocker out of their flagship building on London Oxford Street, hurrah!
“But will it last?” bleat the skeptics. Surely it’s just a matter of time before physical music is dissolved entirely leaving independent record stores face down in the mud and iTunes executives sipping champagne on their yachts? However, I do believe that our pre-conceded notions of music sales are way overstated and riddled with inaccuracies.

For the sake of argument I’m discounting that people pirate music. In this hypothetical we live in a perfect world where my washing doesn’t get rained on, no-one wears phones on their belt and downloading music illegally just isn’t a thing. It’s an accepted truth and a direct correlation that as time surges onward total music sales are increasing. This is not mutually constitutive with a decrease in piracy it just suggests that music is, a) becoming more accessible to download/discover through programs like the cloak and dagger anti-hero Spotify and b) there is way more music being made, but that’s just common sense.
The Neilson Company Music company report (see here: for last year demonstrated an increase in digital music sales to 55% and therefore physical to 45%. I think that this is quite an even split considering the generally accepted notion is that “no-one buys physical music anymore”. I still do, music fans still do.

HMV is back and this bodes significantly well for the realm of the plastic cases.  Then again, maybe I’m just a romantic.  A hipster-slut who just can’t and won’t accept that eventually my CD, tape and vinyl collection will lose it’s novelty and fade as quickly as the dye on my studded denim jacket. 

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