Saturday, 26 October 2013

Radkey - Devil Fruit EP

In the depths of Missouri where the crops are plentiful and the people are theist were born three brothers. Dee, Isaiah and Solomon. They learnt instruments, went to school and were diligent model gentlemen with no desire to rebel, right. WRONG. Relatively new to the scene the brothers Radke blew our eardrums and inner inhibitions to shit when their Cat & Mouse EP dropped a few months back. It demonstrated that the three piece rock’n’roll demographic is alive and ravenous. Now they’ve clambered to release a further four tracks while simultaneous navigating the motions of a prolific touring spree; they’ve got guts, as has this EP.

Cat & Mouse demonstrated an long-sighted promise, a prophecy as it were if we’re keeping to this theological theme as the brothers’ names suggest. An clairvoyance that Radkey were to deliver a gospel of hard-hitting and gut-busting punk in the near future. We could only speculate into the likelihood of fulfillment but now we have Devil Fruit we have our revelation. Where Cat & Mouse simmered and cooled was during the impressive albeit erratic solos; it became overtly apparent that Radkey were a three piece and lead guitar lines compounded to a thinner and disappointing stretched sound. Fear not though, Devil Fruit has targeted and filled in these gaps with more raucous guitar noise than you can shake a palm leaf at. Hosanna to that!

Opening track Start Freaking Out is what I imagine adderall to be personified in music. Loud, aggressive and unrelenting. A landslide of guitars and drums pump and belt with no remorse and Dee’s baritone roots itself as the current dominating force in your reality, heavy stuff. Following track Little Man sees the Radkey boys manipulate and recreate with some modulate vocals showcasing a range we have yet to hear them cascade. The stupefying characteristic of this track is the themes of berating elderly relatives. Have you ever shouted you’ve got no ideas/you have no imagination at your grandad? Now that’s punk rock.

As the exodus of their career Devil Fruit is a uncompromising slug to the skull of attitude and feedback. Short and sour we can only hope for this trio to uphold this fist clenching standard.  

Radkey an evangelical revivalist band? Definitely not, but Jesus Christ this grunge is godly.

Listen here: Radkey – Devil Fruit

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