Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Skull Rattlers: October

Lists and compilation posts are a cop out. We're talking a composition of 70% links and paragraph spacing. It's an easy way to fill a blog that any appendage equipped idiot can master.
Exactly why this idiot is going to follow through with it.
I (Captain Cop-out) present accordingly my favourite music discoveries of the last month.

1. Ex Hex
Fuzzed out power pop. A sentence which is phonetic porn for the language infatuates among you. An all female outfit armed with a wealth of indie-rock experience between them. Namely Mary Timony who was a pioneer of band boarding gracing the likes of Wild Flag, Helium and Autoclave. Ex Hex has been brewing beneath the rafters and it's emergence is welcomed.

2. Trust Fund
Enigmatic and perpetually confused. Adjectives associated with only the best singer-songwriters (Conor Oberst, Elliot Smith?) Ellis from Bristol otherwise known as Trust Fund encapsulates the struggles of youthful apathy staggeringly well. His quivery vocals match his insight into being a young man in a grown up world.
Listen here: 

3. Theo Verney 
Trying to find information on Theo Verney is comparable to trying to find a good colour scheme on blogspot, close to impossible. That said, Verney's music speaks for itself. A subtle blend of 70s rock with twist of modern grunge. Fat basslines and sludgy guitar lines, it's the urban dream.

4. Radical Boy
Drenge entertained me; up to a point I thought they were the pioneers of 2013 Grunge. This was a fatal misconception that I swiftly threw under the bus once I heard the blistering feedback laminating from Radical Boy's Playing Out. Originating from Sheffield this Skate Punk duo care not for clean production and meticulous instrument phasing, It's bitingly brutal ride of venomous adrenaline and smut.

5. Young Fathers
A majorly overlooked hip-hop/R'n'B trio hailing from Scotland these guys are been knocking around for the best part of the year unnoticed. Elements of trip-hop, pop, minimalism and EDM come together with their eclectic vocal and rhymes conjugating to some of the best EP's release this year.
Listen here: Young Fathers

6. Gang of Youths
Boding the charismatic vocals of a young Brandon Flowers and the tight beats of Pavement Gang of Youths embrace the hype bestowed upon them since their CMJ performance. "I've made more friends in hell" croons Evangelists, you're about to make plenty more with tunes of this calibre.

7. Only Real
Cheeky Londoners. We've seen plenty of them, from a youthful Mike Skinner to Jamie T's toothless grin we never grow tired of tongue and cheek commentaries on metropolis life. Only Real captilises on this. The brain-child of Niall Galvin, his tunes are abrasive, melodic and capture what it means to be a teenage ruffian in the big city. Not to be taken too seriously.

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