Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ghost B.C - If You Have A Ghost EP (Guest Writer Jon Birondo)

For Ghost B.C, standing out isn't a hard feat to accomplish. The mysterious, anonymous six piece Swedish, satanic doom metal band turn heads everywhere with their Anti-Papal attire and lyricism and Blue Oyster Cult-esque melodies. Donned in skeletal makeup and black robes, Papa Emeritus II and his nameless ghouls return with a small EP, produced by Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) with five tracks, COVERS to be more exact. 

Ghost B.C's mix of catchy melodies, amazing production and satanic lyricism has kept the band in the eyes of many fans; from satanists to the "urban outfitters vinyl junkie" to the frequent Coachella goer (yes, they played at Coachella), the band has an amount of appeal for everyone. Keep in mind that the satanic paraphernalia is all a joke, a means of entertainment, so they aren't just a bunch of devil worshipping rock stars.

The EP starts off with the soft and melodic rendition of Roky Erickson's "If You Have Ghosts", where indie rock influences start to appear in their inventory, yet their ghoulish melodies provide a nice touch to the old tune.It isn't a surprising turn for Ghost B.C to cover a song so out of their musical range however it does make you begin to think which direction they may be going with their music for this hints at some musical progression. However the familiar Ghost B.C that everyone loves, with doom metal riffs and satanic lyrics, begin to appear on their cover of ABBA's "I'm A Marionette", appearing again as it had on 2013's Infestissumam. On Army of Lovers' uptempo tune "Crucified", the band continues to deliver with their signature sound and a mysterious, ominous keyboard pokes out towards the end as the menacing incantations of Papa Emeritus II are chanted throughout in a chorus fashion. The catchy hooks and riffs on their cover of Depeche Mode's "Waiting For The Night" offers no escape as they continuously reach out, pulling you into their spell as they masterfully craft a peculiar rendition to the New Wave tune. The band even close off the album with a live version of "Secular Haze", a track off of their previous LP, which is always a great track that any fan can hardly hate or dislike. 

Overall, Ghost B.C have proven that they can master any sound they bring even when covering different genres. the problem here is that they rarely progress or become creative with their style albeit "If You Have Ghosts" does show a more softer side to the devilish group. Aside from the covers, if their cultish spree of satanic hymns and odes swirls around in the same mix of catchy hooks, bombastic production and chorus style chants, imagining anyone being active in the following is a hard thought to put into anyone's head. Any cultist group is always moving forward with their ideas, but with this EP, Ghost B.C show that they aren't as they rarely shake off their creative inhibitions. They do however show that they have different tastes, hell they cover ABBA and it's good to show and cover bands that you love or admire and Ghost B.C do just that. For at under twenty five minutes, they give us a reason as to why we love this band in the first place, and that should keep us waiting for more, for now.

FAV TRACKS: If You Have Ghosts, I'm A Marionette, Crucified

LEAST FAV TRACK(S): Waiting For The Night

Score: (6.5/10)

Written by Jon Birondo over at
Jon Birondo is a Junior high school student in Dallas, Texas. He runs and writes for Pretty Neat Grooves, a music blog he co-founded with his friend, Michael White. Aside from music he loves watching movies and television shows, playing drums and hanging out with friends. Keep It Neat! 

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