Sunday, 1 December 2013

Skull Rattlers: November

I have four layers on because I live in an ice palace. Though that might sound cool (holds for applause) it's no fun. Having neither the funds nor cowardice to put the heating on my method of heating will be enlightening you to my most cherished music discoveries of the last month, enjoy!

1. Skaters
Abrasive garage rock is somewhat of a surplus in New York. Dusty streets and a fast moving lifestyle can only suitably be soundtracked by fuzzy guitars and gruff vocals. Championed by fellow New Yorkers The Strokes Skaters are picking up what they left behind in 2003. Long live Rock'n'Roll!
Listen: SKATERS 

2. Torres
For reasons unknown 21 year old Mackenzie Scott's debut, released in 2012, managed to illude my all-seeing eye. A sensationally melodic singer-songwriter Torres' self-titled LP boasts an impressive range of tones and vibes. It tickles the heart-strings and simultaneous hordes momentum for when it draws to a close you're hungry for more. It'd be an abomination to overlook.
Listen: Torres – Torres

3. Royal Blood
Too many cooks spoil the broth apparently. Arcade Fire would protest but the two piece regime seems to be in vogue currently. It's profitable in many cases and occasionally a weak sauce dispenser yet Royal Blood have seeped grungily into the realms success. An Arctic Monkeys support slot has fallen into onto the two Brightoneirs' laps. Their relentless distortion and gnashing rhythms are dynamite to the ears; it's some explosive music.

4. Fat White Family
Guitars. Noise. Cynacism. Sex.
I don't even...
I mean it's good but... great even!
..just listenFat White Family – Champagne Holocaust

Early Versions EP cover art

5. Moonbather
Disjunctive indie pop with an abudence of atmosphere. The name Moonbather paints such vivid images of tranquility and luminosity and the music has the vibe to support that. Reminiscent of Jackson Scott or Trust Fund with palpable inspiration drawn for slendermanic rogue Bradford Cox, Moonbather crafts viscerally illustrious pop which is more than bathe worthy.

6. Oliver Wilde
As the bitter cold draws ever closer layers are our only defence. Oliver Wilde will back me up here since his low-fi blend of indie-rock, psych pop and trip-hop is coveted in an horde of them. From the depths of Bristol Mr. Wilde, with a lending hands from some generous amigos, has crafted an incredibly evocative and abounding LP, A Brief Introduction to Unnatural Lightyears. Don't worry, it's just as delightfully outlandish as it's titled.
Brief Introduction To Unnatural Lightyears

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